How to Practice Photography

I want to start practicing photography. I’ve shot for a while now, but I haven’t really practiced.  I’ve only shot when it’s convenient.  That’s been fine up to this point in my journey, but it’s time for me to start becoming an active vs. a passive photographer.  

So how do you practice?  In The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, he talks about the difference between practicing and deeply practicing.  To practice deeply is to practice with a purpose.  If I simply set the goal of shooting a roll of film a day, I will get better, but a lot of my improvement will come haphazardly.  However, if I set out to push a roll of film 2X and test the results, or if I set out to see how close I can get to people when I photograph them, then I will walk away from each practice session with an outcome and a lesson learned.  

My rules of photography practice: 

1.  Shoot for one hour  a day - (Forces me to get out and work)

2.  Have a learning outcome for each session - (Forces me to practice deeply)

3.  Carry a notebook and document my learning - (Forces me to learn)

4.  Set up a specific time each day that I can shoot and calendar it - (Forces me to not come up with excuses)

I don’t want to make this too complicated.  If I do, it won’t happen.  

Time to go to work.

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