John Free - Master of Street Photography

If you want someone to look up to as a photographer, I would suggest John Free. John is one of the photographers that understands a powerful moment. Here is one of my favorite shots from him.

 I love it for several reasons: 


I am extremely patriotic. I have an American flag in my home and in my office. John is using some of the most powerful concepts we can all relate to which are death, honor, and freedom. When you look at this image, what does it do to your emotional state? Do you feel sad? Do you feel grateful? Do you feel moved to protect what you love? 


John is always talking about a center of interest; without one, a picture is rarely worth looking at. In this image, the veteran is our center of interest. His image is right in our face and we are instantly connected with him. 


 John Free works hard to get three things into each image that tell the whole story. When you look at his work, see if you can count them. In this picture, we have the veteran crying, we have his outfit which shows pride and respect for his fallen comrades, and we have the graves. All three things serve to smack you right in the face with a message. I love it. 

If you want to learn more about John’s work, check out his gallery at You can also do workshops with him! For $400, you can spend an entire day shooting one-on-one with him and learn from the best. I can’t image a better way to improve doing what I love. 

As a final note, if this blog ever makes its way into John’s hands, I would love to tell him thanks for his work. His dedication to photography is something that pushes me to keep working at it. 

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