Finding Beauty in Chaos as a Photographer

I just had a beautiful insight about this project.  It’s not my job to present each of the National Parks in their best possible light, although I’ll be grateful anytime I visit a park and the light is just right.  My job is to focus on the journey and finding beauty and strength along the way.  Regardless of the weather or other challenges that I will face, it is up to me to step back from the chaos and embrace it.  Somewhere deep within is the beautiful.  So I will go to Mount Rainier despite the terrible weather and I will look and listen for what she has to offer me.

If you’re interested, here is a shot from one of the Mount Rainier webcams showing current conditions.  I head out in two days.

Mount Rainier Weather Forecast Gone Bad

I’m really disappointed right now.  The weather reports for Mount Rainier have turned and are looking pretty nasty.  I’m locked into this trip since it’s so close and I can’t get a decent refund on my travel or accommodations.  Looks like I’m going into a rain and snow storm with lots of overcast clouds.  It’s not going to make for the kind of shots that I want, but I may get lucky.  The silver lining here is that if I do get lucky, my shots of Mount Rainier will look different from everything I’ve seen. 

 Every image posted online is during peak floral season; they’re full of color and absolutely beautiful.  My shots will have to take on a different feel.  Since the park gets so much snow through the year, my images will be reflective of the power and magnitude that is Mount Rainier.  

I’m going to focus my YouTube video on how to shoot and make the most of bad weather situations.  This is all a part of the job.  Weather conditions change at the drop of a hat, and as a landscape photographer, you just have to make the most of it.   

Here is what the current 10-day forecast looks like.  It’s ugly. At least Saturday has some sunshine.  Maybe we’ll strike gold if that forecast holds.   

I’m Headed to Mount Rainier National Park!

I just stepped off the cliff.  My stomach is churning and I feel like I want to throw up and scream with excitement all at the same time.  I just booked by first flight!  I’ll be leaving on October 19th to begin my quest.  It’s amazing how hard that was to do.  I’ve done a lot of scary things in my life from starting a business to jumping off really high cliff, and while all of them had an adrenaline rush attached to them, this was different.  I’ve started something I cannot stop.  

So where am I going? We’re headed to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State.  I chose this as the first location because I would be traveling alone; no family on this one unfortunately.  That being the case, I wanted to pick a park that was further away so I’ll be flying into Seattle, picking up a rental car and heading to the park.  

I still can’t believe I’m doing this.  My hands are shaking right now. 

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